Traveling from UK

Coming from the U.K. to the Grand Canyon requires some planning. The key is that you want to plan in advance to save the most on your booking. You have a couple of options when you consider flying to the Grand Canyon. Although the Grand Canyon does have an airport, (GCN Airport) currently you can only fly in with a private or chartered aircraft. The Closest International airport is Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX).  This would put you 231 Miles (371 km) from the Grand Canyon South Rim, approximately 3.5 hour drive. The next best option would be to fly into Las Vegas’s McCarran International Airport (LAS). You would be slightly further away at 278 Miles (447 km), a 4.5 hour drive, but you could then make it a two part trip as Vegas as quite a lot to offer as well.

Flying from Gatwick Airport will give you the option of a direct flight to Vegas (highly recommended especially if you are traveling with kids, stopovers can be a nightmare). The following three airlines have direct flights to Vegas; British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and Delta. If you want to Fly to Phoenix, you can use the following Carriers; British Airways, American Airlines, FINNAIR, and IBERIA. If you are booking ahead of time the price difference between a direct flight and a stopover flight is only around $150 (£ 90 GBP). You should be able to find a round trip flight for around $1,300 (£ 780 GBP), when booking two months in advance.

If you prefer to fly out of London’s Heathrow Airport you can fly British Airway if you choose a direct flight. Other airlines will offer a stopover flights including; US Airways, Delta, & Air France. As mentioned above you would save around $150 (£ 90 GBP) per round trip ticket. (But remember to consider the stress of the stopover, is it worth saving $150 maybe.)

If you choose to fly into Vegas you can then head to the Grand Canyon with a car rental. Generally very cheap to rent, but the taxes can be high. The advantage is that you can take your time and explore as you wish. The disadvantage is the over four hour drive, and you will need to drive back. Make sure if you plan to stay at the Canyon’s many lodge options (click here for a full review of the best places to stay) to book your reservation six months in advance, they really do get booked quickly.

An alternative, and very popular option, is to take a once in a life time helicopter tour flight. There are several different companies your can choose and most fly several times daily. Some of the trips will include in their package a champagne picnic package at a reasonable price. Although it will be pricier than driving, the big advantage is that you will be able to get to the Canyon very quickly, spend some time exploring, and get back to your Hotel in Vegas in under four hours. See our rating and reviews of the options available on the helicopter flight page.