Town of Tusayan Restaurants

There are over a dozen restaurants to choose from in the Town of Tusayan. You can choose from a couple of local McDonalds or a homemade meal in a higher end restaurant. The top five best places to grab a bite include RP’s Stage Stop (rated #1 overall), Plaza Bonita, Coronado Room, We Cook Pizza & Pasta, followed by Saguaro Lounge. The rating scale here too is on a one to five basis. (The rating system considered, the variety of food, customer satisfaction with quality, and price) The RP’s Stage Stop with a 4.5 rating tops the list, located just one mile from the Grand Canyon South Rim Park Entrance.

RP’s Stage Stop (overall rating 4.5)
Comments: Perfect place to pick up breakfast & Expresso before heading to the Canyon
Location:  400 State route 60 (approximately 1 mile from Canyon)
Price: Medium range
Phone: 928-638-3115

Plaza Bonita (overall rating 4.3)
Comments: Mexican Cuisine; Reservations recommended. Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
Location: 352 State Route 64, Tusayan, AZ
Phone: (928) 638-8900
Price: Medium range

Coronado Room (overall rating 4.1)
Comments: Great Continental breakfast. Reservations recommended for Dinner. (early Bird served between 5-6pm)
Location: 100 Highway 64, Best Western Grand Canyon Squire Inn, Tusayan, AZ
Phone: (928) 638-2681
Price: Medium range

We Cook Pizza & Pasta (overall rating 3.8)
Comments: Great for families with children or larger groups
Location: Highway 64, Tusayan, AZ
Phone: (928) 638-2278
Price: Low-Medium range

Saguaro Lounge (overall rating 3.5)
Comments: American Cuisine and  Southwestern appetizers.
Location: 100 Highway 64, Best Western Grand Canyon Squire Inn, Tusayan, AZ
Phone: (928) 638-2278
Price: Medium range

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