River Raft Types

There are six different boat options to choose from. Motorized Raft, Oar Raft, Hybrid Raft, Paddle Raft, Dory and Kayak.

The Motorized Raft can comfortably hold a dozen passengers with a length range of 37 feet. Its powerful motor will guide your raft in and out of the rapids. The boat has enough space to hold food and supplies for a trip lasting more than a week. It should take eight days for those who want to travel the entire Grand Canyon, approximately 280 miles.

The Oar Raft, standing 18 feet in length, can accommodate six passengers. It is a smaller vessel than the motorized raft, but it allows a more intimate water experience as you can grab the oars and row (while you are in calmer waters). If you are considering this trip you should not that it may take around 11 days to travel to the Whitemore Wash area (approximately 188 miles). If you choose to float all the way to Lake Mead you are looking at close to two weeks.

The Hybrid Raft is a non-motorized raft which gives the passengers multiple ways to manage the raft, including oar rigs, paddle rafts and even inflatable kayak.

The Paddle Raft again a non-motorized raft gives all the passengers a paddle directly effecting the movements of the raft through the rapids and flat waters of the grand canyon.  You can usually hold up to seven passengers. If you are adrenaline craving this is the ride for you. While easy to navigate in calm waters, reaching small rapids will cause much excitement due to the smaller boat size. For the big rapids you will need to hold on tight.

Dory Raft is 18 foot in length and can hold up to five passengers.  The Dory usually has a flat bottom that is made out of  wood or fiberglass. Riding a smaller boat will give you the ability to feel the power of the river up close. They are generally rowed by the guide who joins your trip. You then split two people in the front and two in the back. They are similar to the Oar Rafts, and will take you about two weeks to go through the entire Canyon.

Kayak Rafts are up to 14 feet in length and carry one or two passengers. If you travel some of the non-motorized river trips you may even be able to use an inflatable Kayak, also know as “dukies.” You will want to first test your skills in flat waters before the more challenging rapid waters. With enough experience you can maneuver with a Kayak the entire length of the Grand Canyon.