Grand Canyon Guided Tours

There are a variety of Grand Canyon guided tours available when you visit. There is the Grand Canyon railway that allows you to see the high desert plains, San Francisco Peaks and a variety of scenery as you travel to the Grand Canyon. Or you can try a helicopter tour that takes you down to the Canyon floor and provides unparalleled views of the Canyon. Other Grand Canyon guided tours include Jeep tours that take you deep into the wilderness on the unpaved back roads and wilderness animal parks that bring you up close and personal with the wildlife native to the area. No matter what you choose each one will give you a feel for the wonderful terrain and wildlife found in the Grand Canyon. If you have limited time you should at least attempt to do the tours that have the “must do” next to the titles.

Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour (9.7 Editor Rating *Top Tour) – MUST DO

The Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopter tour gives you the option to begin your journey from several location, the most popular being Las Vegas. The other locations are in Arizona and include the Grand Canyon National Park, Grand Canyon West Rim, Lake Powell and Phoenix. Once you choose the location to fly from you will need to decide…READ MORE

Inner Canyon Tour (9.5 Editor Rating) – MUST DO

This one is an absolute must-see/must-do, if you ever wondered about the feel and look at the bottom of the Canyon. The great benefits is that it can be done in one day, and the entire family can do this one. This is a custom designed tour that will take you down 4,000 feet to the... READ MORE

1-Day Whitewater Rafting Tour (9.2 Editor Rating) – MUST DO

If on your list of Grand Canyon guided tours you are looking for something that will put you on the edge of your seat, and may get you a bit on the wet side, this one is for you. During this custom tour you will be (departing from Flagstaff and Williams) heading to the bottom of the Grand Canyon where you will enjoy the famous…READ MORE

Railway Tour (9.1 Editor Rating)

The railroad is another majestic experience you should take advantage of, one you’ll never forget. You will feel the rumble of a vintage train going at 65-miles as you chug through the beautiful countryside of Northern Arizona. You will also enjoy breathtaking views of the San Francisco Peaks. The train will continue through the valleys, the small canyons, dense pine forests and the high desert plains. The journey will start at…READ MORE

Sunset Tour (8.8 Editor Rating)

Another tour that has limited space should make your list of the Grand Canyon guided tours. This tour is limited to 40 guests. It is an opportunity to witness the sunset at the Grand Canyon West Rim, while you relax in the tranquility of the desert at night. Now, for this one you do need to drive to, but it will give you the ability to make your own itinerary for the Grand Canyon West Rim exploration. Once you arrive at your destination you will receive…READ MORE

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