Books & Gifts

Both the North and South Rim have book stores and gift shops available. A variety of gifts and items are available for every age group. Books, maps and DVDs can be purchased to help plan your trip and give you information about the Canyon. The Grand Canyon is seeping in history and many native tribes made this Canyon their home. There are books available to tell their story and show the many sites where the native tribes made their homes. There are books about the archeology found in the Canyon and on how it was formed. No matter what area interests you the most there is sure to be a book available.

If you cannot make the trip to the Canyon an online bookstore is available where you can purchase a variety of goods that you would find in the store.

There are some special items that are only available when you travel to the store. For those who want memorabilia marking their rim-to-rim hike you can find shirts commemorating your accomplishment only at the North Rim stores. Another unique purchase is only available when you visit the Bright Angel Campground on the Canyon floor. T-shirts and postcards are available for purchase and they can be mailed home with a special stamp marked “mailed by mule” as that is the only mail service out of the campground.