Overnight Sunset at the Grand Canyon West Rim

This Overnight Sunset at the Grand Canyon West Rim Self is limited to 40 guests. It is an opportunity to witness the sunset at the Grand Canyon West Rim, while you relax in the tranquility of the desert at night. Now, for this one you do need to drive from Vegas, it will give you the ability to make your own itinerary for the Grand Canyon West Rim exploration. (There is a minimum booking requirement of two people).

Once you arrive at your destination you will receive a complete orientation from a tour co-ordinator regarding the upcoming planned events and activities. You will also receive a map and directions to any additional place of interest. As you drive you will pass by Boulder City, and Lake Mead to Hoover Dam, as well as pass through Joshua’s Tree Forest (900 years old) before reaching the road to the Grand Canyon West Rim and the lands of the Hualapai Tribe. On average this location receives close to 2,000 daily visitors, but has only one accommodation that is only available for 40 people. Just another amazing experience that will be difficult to forget.

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