The Largest, Rarest Birds in the World

California Condors

The California condor is the biggest bird in the North America, and one of the biggest ones in the world. The Grand Canyon Park offers one of the easiest ways to feast your eyes on these amazing creatures. Considerable time and effort has gone into the rehabilitation of these birds.

Weighing up to 23 pounds and boasting a wingspan of as much as 9.5 feet, California condors are one of the world’s rarest birds. Belonging to the New World vulture family, these condors are scavengers and feed solely on the flesh of dead animals. They speed across the skies at 50 miles/hour and their search for food can have them traveling around a hundred miles a day.

355 Species

There are 355 bird species in the Grand Canyon area. Your trip along the Colorado River will let you witness the lush vegetation that provides excellent bird habitats. Moreover, the trout-rich river provides excellent source of food for the bald eagles in the region.

Further from the river you will enter the desert uplands that are the breeding grounds for around 30 bird species. Endemic birds are not present here. According to biologists working at Grand Canyon, there are over a hundred pairs of peregrine falcons around the inner canyon.
Around 90 bird species are found in the coniferous forests, of which 51 are summer residents. In 2008, biologists found 500 nests of songbirds in the park. The Grand Canyon Park is undoubtedly one of the most impressive places for people who like birds.