Amphibians at Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon has nine amphibian species. The most common of these are the red-spotted toad, the canyon tree frog and Woodhouse’s rocky mountain toad. The Colorado River and perennial tributaries serve as breeding grounds for these amphibians. Despite their eggs being water-bound, they are more resilient than most amphibians. You can also find leopard frogs in a few sites along the Colorado River.

Amphibian Species

  • Arizona Tiger Salamander
  • Arizona Toad
  • Canyon Tree Frog
  • Great Basin Spadefoot
  • Toad
  • Great Plains Toad
  • Leopard Frog
  • Red-spotted Toad
  • Rocky Mountain Toad
  • Utah Tiger Salamander

Areas beyond a mile from water will not usually have amphibians. Within the Coniferous Forest you can easily find two amphibian species, namely the Great Basin spadefoot toad and the Utah tiger salamander. The Arizona tiger salamander Great Plains toad are also present but rarely seen.
For people even mildly interested amphibious animals, the Grand Canyon Park is an excellent place to visit and explore.