Inner Canyon Tour

This tour is an absolute must-see/must-do. (If you can only afford or have the time for one tour this should make the top of your list.) Have you ever wondered about the feel and look at the bottom of the canyon? On this trip you certainly get both. One of the great benefits is that it can be done in one day and it was designed for the entire family. (Elderly and young should be able to enjoy it fully.) This is a custom tour that will take you down 4,000 feet to the Inner Gorge and the Colorado River.

You should see some of the wonderful wildlife on your way, including the Wild Burros and the Big Horn Sheep. This tour is one of the few that is opened all year round. The best time to visit is the spring through the fall. Interestingly, if you go during the winter you will notice that the temperature may be as much as 20 degrees warmer than your initiation point. (But you may still require a coat.) This tour will include lunch, as well as quite a bit of cool water to keep you hydrated. The cost is $299 per adult and $229 for children ages 5-15. You can click on the following link that will give you a $50 discount for each adult, and $30 discount for each child.