12000-year old Archeological Resources

The Grand Canyon area has been a venue for human activities for 12,000 years. Different tribes and ethnic groups who lived here thousands of years ago have left proofs of existence in the area. You can see and study the numerous Grand Canyon archeological artifacts to experience the significance of the historic place.

Split-twig Figurines – Grand Canyon’s Most Fascinating Archeological Artifacts

The split-twig figurines are one of the most fascinating archeological artifacts found in the Grand Canyon region. The figurines were made when people from thousands of years ago carefully folded single twigs and split them in the middle. These were recovered from remote caves and are believed to be from a time anywhere between two- to four-thousand years ago.

Grand Canyon National Park Archeology River Monitoring Program

The river monitoring program generates data that is used to study ongoing impacts on historic sites. The program also implements curative measures for historic properties that have sustained damage.

Vanishing Treasures Program

The Vanishing Treasures Program aims to conserve architectural remains via well thought-out preservation and research endeavors. Forty five National Park Service areas are part of the program and Grand Canyon National Park is one of these areas.

Bright Angel Pueblo Exhibits

Set up at the bottom of the canyon, these exhibits provide delightful insight into the Puebloan site where the Pueblo people lived around a thousand years ago.

Discover What Archeologists Discovered at Grand Canyon

Visit the Grand Canyon and see many of the most wonderful archeological findings in the country. Archeologists have been excavating along the Colorado River for some time; don’t forget to find out what they unearthed when you visit the Grand Canyon Park.