Hiking tours continued

Safely hiking in the Grand Canyon requires some planning. The descent through the canyon floor will take you through a variety of temperatures and climate zones. It is important that you are prepared. Water is available throughout the descent but you must know where it is and how far you must travel. The most important thing to remember when hiking the canyon is to not overestimate your own capabilities. It is very easy to hike the descent but climbing out of the canyon is much more difficult. If you have any sort of medical condition climbing out of the canyon will exacerbate the problem. Always stay within your abilities.

When hiking and especially when backpacking travel as lightly as you can. The heaviest items you bring should be food and water. Hiking sticks are a great way to reduce stress on your joints. Always wear sunscreen and bring a hat to shield you from the intense desert sun.

If you carry it in to the canyon then you must carry it out. There are no trash cans to dispose of any refuse.

Pace yourself on your trip, do not be afraid to stop and take pictures while you catch your breath. The Grand Canyon offers many scenic vistas where you can rest while your body recovers from the strenuous activity of hiking the canyon. When you stop make sure to and fuel up with energy snacks and water. Any hike over 30 minutes will require that you refuel. Forget dieting when hiking the canyon you need to get out safely.

Finally, when hiking the canyon dress appropriately and wear good hiking shoes. The temperature will change as you hike so you should be able to add and remove layers as needed. Invest in good hiking shoes to avoid blisters, once you’re down in the canyon it’s up to you to get yourself back out.