Grand Canyon Brochure

South Rim Trail – Grand Canyon Brochure

Life Along the Rim (Grand Canyon Geology)


This Grand Canyon brochure focuses on the South Rim, which is open to the public all year. This area includes the Desert view, Hermist Rest and the Grand Canyon Village. The brochure discusses...READ MORE

Plants Living on the Edge: (Hermit Rd. Greenway)


This Grand Canyon brochure focuses on Plants Living on the Edge. It discusses the plant community and the environment in the Grand Canyon area. Included will be the Rim Environment, the Juniper community and …READ MORE

The Below Grand Canyon brochure will be available soon:

Bright Angel Trail Plant Identification Guide

Civilian Conservation Corps Walking Tour

Desert View – with map

Tusayan Ruin

Grand Canyon Brochure – Phantom Ranch & Inner Canyon Trail 

Phantom Ranch Walking Tour

Unkar Delta

Grand Canyon Brochure – North Rim Trail

Walhalla Glades Pueblo

Widforss Trail

Bright Angel Point