Places to Take Pictures

Because there are so many great places to take pictures throughout the Grand Canyon, it can be extremely difficult to narrow down the best places to take pictures. For anyone that has visited the beautiful canyon, it is very apparent that some spots in the magnificent canyon provide an uninterrupted, 360-degree view of the incredible landscape. Whether you want pictures of the gorgeous sunset, sunrise or canyon landscape, there are various places that will offer you unforgettable views.

Powell Point

This spot in the Grand Canyon was named Powell Point by famous explorer John Wesley and is perfect for taking pictures. Consisting of a rock-formed peninsula that extends out into the Grand Canyon, Powell Point is one of the most famous scenic views that the canyon has to offer.

Maricopa Point

One of the best places in the entire canyon to have sunset pictures taken is Maricopa Point. Providing a wide open view of the eastern part of the Grand Canyon, this spot will leave you with absolutely breathtaking photos.

Hopi Point

Hopi Point is one of the more popular picture spots throughout the entire Grand Canyon. This is another famous location that is formed by a rock peninsula and gives an incredible view of the surrounding gorge and all of its intricate details.

The Abyss

With some of the steepest walls that you might ever see, the abyss is most famous for its abrupt cliffs. Once you approach the mountain ledge, you will be surrounded by air in all directions as you can look down into the deep canyon.

Hermit’s Rest

This location is named after the historic building that rests on site. Regarded as the best place to see the western canyon, Hermit’s Rest was once the old trailhead to Fred Harvey Camp.

Mather Point

Mather Point might just be the most popular picture taking destination in the entire canyon. If you are part of a tour bus, you will definitely visit this location. Here you will be able to witness a beautiful sunset, The Temple of Zoroaster and Vishnu Temple.