Grand Canyon Vacation Packages

If planning a Grand Canyon vacation, there are several packages that can improve your overall experience as well as provide a convenient way to travel or experience the Grand Canyon National Park. Grand Canyon vacation packages may provide exclusive benefits and discounts towards travel, lodging or tours within the canyon or may include a combination of services, lodging options and more.

By learning about the type of packages that are available, you can make an informed decision about the type of package that you are most interested in as well as find a vacation package that suits your budget and your vacation length.

Grand Canyon Vacation Railway Packages

If you are planning a Grand Canyon vacation, the packages that are offered by the infamous Grand Canyon Railway provide a unique and relaxing experience for all ages. The Grand Canyon railway services millions of tourists each year and has been established as a unique way to experience the Grand Canyon and surrounding areas.

Established in 1901, the Grand Canyon railway now offers several comprehensive vacation packages to tourists wishing to visit the Grand Canyon National Park. These Grand Canyon vacation packages span between one and four nights on average. Depending on the package that you select, your package will include your railway travel and may include meals, lodging, luggage transfers, guided tours and more to provide an unforgettable experience.

Prices for railway Grand Canyon vacation packages vary widely based upon the accommodations and benefits that are included within the package. However, discounts are also available for AARP members, AAA members, members of the armed forces and first responders.

Grand Canyon Tours Packages

Grand Canyon tours have become an incredibly popular option among tourists that are visiting the Grand Canyon National Park. There are several different types of guided tours available within the park, including helicopter, airplane, rafting, hiking and educational tours as well as guided tours through certain areas of the Grand Canyon, such as the upper and lower antelope canyons.

Grand Canyon tour packages may include one type of tour or several, based upon the package. Some may also include discounts towards lodging or other popular activities or other accommodations, such as meal services.

If you are interested in a guided Grand Canyon tour, it is worth taking a look at reviews on the agency and the tour itself for the type of tour that you are looking for. For example, if you are interested in a hiking tour, you will want to find a tour that will take you on a route that you enjoy, a route that is at your experience and fitness level and one that can offer further education on the Grand Canyon and the area that the tour will take place within.

Grand Canyon Hotel Packages

If your Grand Canyon vacation will span over at least one day, then it may be worth taking the time to review vacation packages related to lodging options within the canyons. Like many other types of vacation packages within the Grand Canyon National Park, hotel packages must often be booked well in advance of a trip as rooms tend to fill very quickly within the park.

If you are interested in Grand Canyon hotels, your options will vary greatly based upon your budget, the season and the area that you are planning to visit within the Grand Canyon. There are several types of lodging options within the national park, including standard hotels, campgrounds, glamping options and much more. Some of these locations are more sought after than others.

Some Grand Canyon vacation packages for lodging will include guided tours, specifically for hiking. Some of the lodging options within the Grand Canyon National Park are not readily accessible and must be instead hiked to. This can provide tourists with an exciting, unique adventure. However, if a hotel package that you are interested in will include a hike, it is important to learn more about the difficulty of the hike, as the hiking trails within the Grand Canyon vary strongly in difficulty based upon the trail.

Grand Canyon Travel Packages

Grand Canyon tours also include travel options that can provide a greater level of convenience and relaxation during travel. While there are many tourists that fly to nearby airports and drive to the canyons, you can also find bus, shuttle and helicopter tours that take care of the travel for you for one convenient price. These types of travel packages often provide a unique experience as well as additional sightseeing opportunities on the way to the Grand Canyon National Park.

If you would prefer to fly to a nearby airport, there are several packages that include travel fare as well as a rental car. Some of these packages will also include lodging within the Grand Canyon for an additional fee.

All-Inclusive Grand Canyon Vacation Packages

Grand Canyon vacation packages can enhance your overall experience within the Grand Canyon National Park as well as provide a more convenient, stress-free vacation. While many types of vacation packages offer separate service, benefits and accommodations, you can find several packages that are more inclusive and may include travel, tours, lodging, meals or a combination of these services.

Whenever considering a Grand Canyon vacation package, it is worth taking the time to research the agency as well as the package itself thoroughly in order to know what to expect in terms of cost, accommodations and what you might experience. Online reviews can be incredibly valuable, especially when viewed from more than one source or from a source that is not affiliated with the agency offering the package in any way. Knowing where to stay in the Grand Canyon relative to the activities you would like to enjoy can make your trip more convenient too.

How to Book a Grand Canyon Vacation Package

Once ready to plan your Grand Canyon vacation, it is important to determine what activities, accommodation and benefits that you would like included within your package. It is also important to consider and compare inclusive packages that include all of the services that you would hope for as well as multiple vacation packages that offer these services separately in order to determine the best price.

Grand Canyon vacation packages should always be booked in advance as these packages can fill very quickly, especially if you are planning a vacation to the Grand Canyon National Park in the summertime, which is the park’s busiest season of the year. When booking a vacation, it is also important to review the cancellation policy, as many of these packages must be canceled within a set period of time in order to receive a full or partial refund.

You can book Grand Canyon vacation packages online by either visiting the website of the agency that you wish to book with or a general travel site. Additionally, you may be able to contact specific agencies that offer packages by phone in order to book a vacation over the pho