Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours

As one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Grand Canyon helicopter tours are on many bucket lists of tourists, hikers and adventure enthusiasts alike. Because of its popularity, many businesses have created tours surrounding this natural wonder. Air tours are the most popular way to experience the Grand Canyon and more than half a million visitors go every year.

Flights will always vary in price and length of time, but there are Grand Canyon helicopters for every budget. Most tour companies will bundle different activities within the area like boat rides and the Grand Canyon Skywalk bridge. Learn more about the most popular helicopter tours for Grand Canyon.

1.     North Canyon Tour

This Papillon helicopter tour is a short but affordable tour on the list. It’s perfect for travelers who want to add a small adventure while exploring the region. This Grand Canyon helicopter tour lasts between 25 to 35 minutes and departs from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.

You will experience the wildest parts of the Grand Canyon, flying over the Kaibab National Forest. The geography diversifies as you fly over the Colorado River and the North Rim. The Grand Canyon is home to wonderous rock formations, and this tour will include the:

  • Tower of Ra.
  • Vishnu Schist.
  • Dragon Corridor.

The tour also includes headset narration in multiple languages, so you will learn about the formations as you take in the view. This tour costs $199, making this is one of the most affordable Grand Canyon helicopter tours on the list.

2.     Wind Dancer Air and Landing Tour

One of their most popular Grand Canyon tours, the Wind Dancer Air landing tour is a splurge with all the amenities. With tickets at $496, this Maverick Helicopters Las Vegas tour departs from Las Vegas terminal with complimentary transportation. This exhilarating tour flies over some notable sightseeing spots like:

  • Lake Las Vegas.
  • Lake Mead.
  • Hoover Dam.
  • Fortification Hill.

They fly over an extinct volcano as well as many other marvelous landmarks. As you experience the sights and the wildlife above the Colorado River, you can enjoy complimentary snacks and drinks, like champagne.

For this Grand Canyon helicopter tour, the helicopter descends 3,500 feet in the canyon, hovering over the Hualapai Native American territory. During the four-hour tour, you will see formations like the Bowl of Fire. Then, you will end your adventure with a flight over Downtown Las Vegas. This is the best Grand Canyon tour for someone who wants a touch of luxury with their vacation.

3.     Imperial with EcoStar

This is a pricier Papillon Helicopter tour that takes passengers to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. One exceptional feature of this helicopter tour is the helicopter itself. The EcoStar EC130 aircraft is eco-friendly, allowing passengers to experience their views with minimal ecological impact. Grand Canyon helicopter tours for South Rim will provide the sights with environmentally friendly features.

Passengers will get to sightsee from the terminal, which has a view of the Grand Canyon National Park. The 40-minute tour also includes the east and north canyon rims as well as the Colorado River and rock formations. The North Rim of the canyon is known to have rugged forest and extraordinary wildlife. As for the Colorado River, passengers will be flying one mile above the body of water.

Passengers will listen to their tour in multiple languages. The oversized windows and stadium-style seating lets passengers enjoy the views from every angle. The price for this Papillon tour starts from $299.

4.     Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour

This helicopter tour is an adventure to be had. Sundance offers a scenic drive to the Hoover Dam on the way to your flight to the Grand Canyon. If you are looking for a more affordable option that offers luxury, this helicopter tour might be the one for you.

This is one of the best Grand Canyon helicopter tours as it begins with a complimentary shuttle to the Hoover Dam bypass bridge with a tour guide onboard. Afterward, passengers will have a photo opportunity on the bridge. Once you reach the Sundance base, passengers will climb aboard the helicopter.

The six-hour flight features music and pilot commentary as you pass over majestic landmarks like the Mojave Desert and Lake Mead. The helicopter will go through 20 miles of the natural wonder. Your $375 tour includes a stop at the private bluffs overlooking the Colorado River with champagne. The adventure concludes at the base with an All-American lunch at Arizona Last Stop.

5.     TripAdvisor Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour: West Rim

On their “Best of West Rim” tour, TripAdvisor offers airborne tours of the Grand Canyon by plane and helicopter. There are other transportation options depending on the time of day you want to take your tour. The early morning tour is their most popular tour since they combine their ground, boat and air tours together.

This is one of the more expensive Grand Canyon helicopter trips on the list with one ticket costing $567. However, the seven-hour tour will take you on a thorough Grand Canyon adventure. The helicopter ride will take you to the canyon floor and a pontoon boat will take you down the Colorado River.

During the ground tour, you will walk along the SkyWalk bridge. If you want to experience the views up close and personal, then this tour might be for you. The views included within this tour are:

  • Hoover Dam.
  • Lake Mead.
  • Colorado River.
  • Guano Point.
  • Eagle Point.

You can listen to your tour in multiple languages. The tour includes hotel pickup and drop-off as well as lunch so you do not need to worry about find places to eat at the Grand Canyon. When you make your purchase, the local taxes and fees are already included within your purchase.

6.     Grand Canyon Discovery Tour

One of the cheapest Grand Canyon helicopter tours on the list, with costs starting at $175. This Mavericks helicopter tour lasts 40-minutes and includes views of the Hualapai Indian reserve. Passengers will fly over the reservation and other parts of Grand Canyon West for 15 minutes.

This is a landing flight tour, meaning that passengers will get to walk the bottom of the canyon. This part of the tour will last about 20 minutes, giving guests time for a photo opportunity. You will be able to take photos with a view from within the west rim and above the Colorado River.