Traveling with small Children (or adults that may sometimes act like small children)

This is the final list,  but may be the most difficult of all. Having young children may require you to bring some bulkier items that always make traveling more challenging. Items such as strollers, car seats, and boosters can be brought or rented. However, the biggest disadvantage is either the extra stress of all these extra items you need to carry with you (if you bring your own), or the extra expense if end up renting. Tough decision either way.

  1. Car seat (in some states it may be the law and you may not have a choice)
  2. Stroller (you don’t want to carry your child the entire trip)
  3. Diapers, and wipes (yes you can buy them at a pharmacy but you need at least some for you the trip)
  4. Snacks & gum (as you know young kids, and adults tend to get hungrier than usual when they travel
  5. Bib (can never hurt)
  6. Bottles & toys (don’t want to forget that one on a long flight- it will make the flight seem much longer)