South Rim

The South Rim, which is open to the public all year, is the most popular part of the park for tourists due to its ease of access. This area includes the desert view, Hermist Rest and the Grand Canyon Village. The other two lesser visited sections are the North Rim and the Inner Canyon. The Nort Rim is more difficult to get to, rising a thousand feet over the South Rim, receives a much smaller crowd. Generally closes at the end of October through the middle of May due to snow. The Inner Canyon is situated below the Rim. It is accessible to hikers, Mule riders and river boats.

Although some facilities do close during the winter season, the South Rim is still open all year round; 24-hours a day and 365 days a year. This includes all visitor services like food service, lodging accommodations and camping. Because the spring, summer and fall seasons are the most busy, reservations should be made in advance.

The South Rim has a wide selection of choices when you are ready for something to eat. You can choose from a simple grab and go option at the numerous cafes in both the Bright Angel Visitor Center and Market Plaza or you can purchase groceries or stop at the deli at the Canyon Village Marketplace. Maswik cafeteria, located in the Maswik Lodge, is a great way to feed a family with both cafeteria style service and a pizza pub. There are more formal sit down restaurants available as well. The Arizona room in the Bright Angel Lodge is available for lunch and dinner and the Bright Angel Restaurant is open daily. There is also a coffee house and ice cream parlor if you are just in need of a small snack. El Tovar has a restaurant available, with tapestries and beautiful vaulted ceilings which is a great mood setter, but check before you go as it is being remodeled.

South Rim Lodges/Hotels

The South Rim has seven locations to stay including six lodges to choose from all located within the park. Bright Angel Lodge, Kachina Lodge, Thunderbird Lodge, El Tovar Hotel, Maswik Lodge, Yavapai Lodge. Bright Angel Lodge (You can book directly on their website: This lodge was built in 1935 and is now a registered historic landmark. The rooms are large and come with a private bath. Some of the rooms will have TV and all are equipped with a telephone. The lodge has a...READ MORE

Fun Stuff to do:

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours

With so much to see from an aerial view of the Grand canyon, helicopter tours have quickly become one of the best ways for visitor’s to take in the amazing sites. Slightly better than other air tours, helicopters are allowed to fly 1,000 feet lower than an airplane. Depending on how you would like to see the canyon sights, tours are available in a few different types of helicopters. Because of their large windows, many people prefer touring the huge canyon in a Bell helicopter. Other visitors might favor a quieter trip and decide on a Eco-Star helicopter that features “quiet technology.” See the Grand Canyon Helicopter Page for a full list of available vendors.

River Trips
Taking a trip down the Colorado River is one of the most memorable things to do in the canyon. There are a variety of trips available and vary from 1 day to 25 days in length. Traveling on the Colorado requires a permit and READ MORE..

Guided Tours
There are a variety of guided tours available when you visit the Grand Canyon. There is the Grand Canyon railway that allows you to see the high desert plains, San Francisco Peaks and a variety of scenery as you travel to the Grand Canyon. Or you can try a READ MORE….

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