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The Grand Canyon is divided into several distinct areas. The South Rim is where a majority of people will go to visit the Grand Canyon. The park on the South Rim receives about 90 perent of the overall visitors to the Grand Canyon and is open to visit year round. This area includes the desert view, Hermist Rest and the Grand Canyon Village.

There are a variety of guided tours available when you visit the Grand Canyon. There is the Grand Canyon railway that allows you to see the high desert plains, San Francisco Peaks and a variety of scenery as you travel to the Grand Canyon. Or you can try

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The North Rim is a five-hour drive around the Canyon from the south rim. Barely 10 perent of all visitors to the Canyon visit the North Rim. The North Rim is slightly higher elevation than the South Rim and is closed during the winter months.

Phantom Ranch is a must see when you hike to the bottom of the Canyon. This ranch provides a layover for hikers and backpackers alike.

The Canyon floor has a variety of secluded sites to visit as well as the obvious river rafting trips on the Colorado River. One of the less known places is a water fall called Ribbon Falls. Ribbon Falls is a short .3 mile jaunt off the Bright Angel Trail and has a beautiful waterfall that is, as the name suggests, ribbon thin. It is a beautiful secluded site with a tropical feeling.

On the east side of the Canyon is Desert View. A historic tower marks this viewpoint and presents great vistas of the canyon below. This is a very good site for observing condors as the Canyon is quite wide in this particular section and the condors soar easily through the open areas.

A new site that was built and opened only recently is the Grand Canyon Skywalk. The Skywalk is the world’s highest man-made structure at 2,300 ft. The Skywalk is a glass bottomed structure on the West Rim of the Canyon that extends over the Canyon and you can peer down at the Canyon below. When you look at the floor

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