Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour

The Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopter tour gives you the option to begin your journey from several location, the most popular being Las Vegas. The other locations are in Arizona and include the Grand Canyon National Park, Grand Canyon West Rim, Lake Powell and Phoenix.

Once you choose the location to fly from you will need to decide on the type of tour. You need to choose either an air tour only or a landing tour. Within each category you will also have different options of what your tour will include. The air tour will generally take three hours (from when you leave your hotel until you are back at the hotel). The tour will include a flight over the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, and the Grand Canyon. (You will see Guano and Eagle Points.)

The Landing tours are a bit longer, should take around four hours door to door. It will include the same flight path over the Hoover Damand Lake Mead. Once you get to the Grand Canyon you will land at Papillon’s exclusive landing site, 4,000 feet below the rim. You will have some time to enjoy a picnic, including Champagne.

In terms of cost, the Landing tours will be the pricier one beginning at just over $300, while the air only tour will be in the $200 range. If you decide to take a helicopter tour at the Canyon instead, you are looking at under $200 cost. (But that means around four hours of driving if you are coming from the Las Vegas, so if you add the costs of gas and the car rental that may not be the most optimal option.) If you take children, the cost per child will be around $20 less than the cost of an adult. Book Now.

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