Getting Around

South Rim

The primary entrance to the Grand Canyon National Park on the South Rim is through the city of Tusayan. The park entrance is located 60 miles north of Williams, Arizona and can be reached via Highway 180. Once inside the park there are a variety of ways to see the wonders of the Grand Canyon.

Roads connect each of the vista points and you can easily drive and park at several areas to view the Grand Canyon. Parking is available at each of the key trail heads as well. When driving in the park do not stop and park your vehicle along the roadside, only use designated pullouts and parking lots so that you do not block traffic.

The ideal way to see the park is to ride the free shuttle service that is provided with the entrance fee to the park. This allows you to enjoy the beauty of the Grand Canyon and not have to worry about parking or wasting fuel. Shuttle buses run between all key vistas as well as visiting the city of Tusayan. The round trip on the shuttle bus is approximately 50 minutes.

There are both paved and unpaved hiking trails along the rim of the Canyon. Hiking these trails is a beautiful way to see the Canyon from several different viewpoints.

Biking is another option for travel along the rim. The Greenway Trail is paved and biking is allowed. Biking is not allowed on the rim trail so watch the signs and do not take you bike on trails where biking is not permitted.

Rim to Rim

The Canyon separates the North and South Rims of the canyon. There are no bridges or connections between the North and South Rim so the only way to travel from the North to South Rim is to drive or take a shuttle. The drive is approximately five hours from North to South Rim. This service is particularly helpful if you plan to hike the Canyon from rim-to-rim, the only other way to get across the Canyon, and would like your car waiting for you at the opposite side.

North Rim

Getting around the North Rim is considerably easier than the South. The entrance to the park is south of Jacob Lake. Roads lead directly to the lodge and campgrounds and parking is available. There are hiking trails and biking is allowed on paved roads and designated trails. There are many unpaved roads on the North Rim that can be used to reach the more remote areas of the park. High clearance vehicles are recommended in these areas. These roads can be difficult to travel with steep grades and sometimes unpassable conditions due to the weather. Take caution when traveling these roads as help will not be easily available and you could become stranded.