Next on the list is paperwork. Twenty years ago this would have made the “must have” list, but with technology where it is today, paperwork moved down to the “nice to have list.” (Assuming you didn’t forget some of the electronics above.) You want to make sure you have the backups of several items, including your boarding pass. If you are traveling from outside the U.S. then you will need to make sure your entire party of travelers will have a Passport. (Believe it or not people sometimes forget.)

1. Any Government-issued ID (preferably a driver license for flights, for travel in the U.S.  Children under the age of 18 traveling with a parent do not require an ID. If the child (age 14-17) is traveling alone then and ID is necessary. Any age under 14 even if traveling alone does not require any ID.
2. Passport – requirement for all travelers coming outside the U.S. (It is encouraged to bring a photocopy of your passport even if you don’t plan to cross any border.)
3. Print you flight itinerary on paper. (Even if you have it on the smartphone – just in case you forget the recharger or your phone dies before you have a chance to recharge it.)
4. Print your Hotel/Tour/adventure confirmation with phone numbers for contact person.
5. Medical records/copy of insurance card. (Don’t forget any prescriptions you are taking.)
6. Cash –  (An ice cream stand may not take a credit card, also when traveling you may be surprised a lot of these out of town places may only except cash).
7. Stamps if you plan to send anything. (You can also get stamps on if you have access to a printer.)