Diverse, Protected, Unique Wildlife

The Grand Canyon Park is home to diverse animal life, including numerous species of:

  • Amphibians [9 species]
  • Birds [355 species]
  • Fish [17 species]
  • Mammals [89 species]
  • Insects

The Grand Canyon houses a large, diverse habitat and a carefully protected and important wildlife preserve. The area’s eclectic elevation and direction of slope faces facilitate the plethora of habitats that thrive in the region. If you are visiting, hiking or rafting the beautiful canyon landscape, it’s important to be aware of the different animals and their surrounding habitats.

Wildlife Program

Developed after comprehensive monitoring, the Wildlife Program was created to work for the continued preservation and enhancement of the park’s wildlife. The program is one of the main reasons why you will be able to see such wonderful wildlife in at Grand Canyon Park. Whether it is monitoring America’s biggest bird, the California condor, or identifying the demographic makeup of little mammal communities in the area, wildlife biologists’ considerable efforts make your unique wildlife tour at the park possible.

California Condors

In addition to being the biggest bird in the U.S., the California condor is also considered to be one of the largest on the planet. Thanks to the hard work of biologists at Grand Canyon and the condor reintroduction program, the park is one of the best places to easily view these birds.

Important Information

Feeding Wild Animals

Please don’t feed wild animals in the park. Hunting or otherwise removing wildlife from the park is illegal. Over-reliance on handouts can cause the animals to lose their hunting skills, jeopardizing their survival in their natural habitat.


If you are visiting the area with pets, you are required to always keep them on a leash. If left uncontrolled, pets can harm wildlife around the park. Please keep in mind that parents of young animals can become aggressive to protect their young. Keeping your pets under control while around wildlife protects everyone, including you.