Insurance Review

Your final “must have” list will be your current insurance coverage. There is never a better time to review what you have and what it covers before you travel. (Never assume it’s covered.) There are several categories of insurance to consider: Travel Insurance, Life Insurance, Disability Insurance and Health Insurance.

Let’s begin with Travel Insurance, you don’t want to not have it, but you don’t want to have too much. If you have taken out travel insurance make sure it will cover the following five events: flight or hotel cancellation, loss or delay of any kind, 24/7 assistance, any medical expenses not covered by your health insurance policy and any other emergency. By cover we mean that they will cover the costs of any of those events.

Life Insurance – Great time to review to make sure you have enough. Look, you plan to have wonderful trip with no hitches and you don’t expect anything to happen to you or your loved ones. But sometimes things happened when you don’t expect. (I know, no one wants to hear that) As recent as March 17,2014, John N. Anderson, a Texas resident, was visiting the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, when he wandered off and fell about 350 feet near…READ MORE

Disability Insurance – Remember to review this one, too. Does the current policy cover injuries occurring while traveling on vacation? Will it be the same amount as an office injury? Are there any exclusions?

Health Insurance – Make sure yours covers you out of state, as some do and some don’t. Some will have some heavy or higher co-payments. Just make sure to be prepared.