Insurance Planning

Life Insurance – Great time to review to make sure you have enough. Look, you plan to have wonderful trip with no hitches and you don’t expect anything to happen to you or your loved ones. But sometimes things happened when you don’t expect. (I know, no one wants to hear that.) As recent as March 17,2014, John N. Anderson, a Texas resident, was visiting the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, when he wandered off and fell about 350 feet near the El Tovar Lodge and Park rangers were not able to resuscitate him. (CNN report – So far the number of people who have died in the Canyon is over 600. Now, don’t panic just yet, most have died due to weather-related issues during hiking, such as dehydration. Also, the number of people who died there has dropped over the last few decades.

However, you must be aware that you will be spending most of the time in the high altitude (over 7,000 feet above sea water). While on the rim you will find yourself surrounded by very few guardrails, which is still one of the main causes of deaths for several visitors every year.

Its always recommended before a big trip to make sure you have all your insurances in order. Make sure your have life insurance coverage and more importantly make sure you have…READ MORE