Where is the Grand Canyon Located?

Located on the northwest corner of Arizona, the Grand Canyon also borders the states of Utah and Nevada. Flowing directly through the magnificent landscape and draining the water from seven different states into the gigantic canyon is the beautiful Colorado River. Maintained by the National Park Service, the majority of the Grand Canton is located within the Grand Canyon National Park. Click Here for a great Map Tool for the area.

The Grand Canyon’s North and South Rims

Divided by a canyon that is 277 miles long (446 km), the Grand Canyon park contains a North and South rim. The Colorado River side of the Grand Canyon is an entire mile deep (1.6 km) and established a boundary that completely divides the park. Although the estimated distance range across the canyon is just 10 miles (16 km), it is still a five hour, 220 mile drive from the North Rim Village to the South Rim village.

During this incredible drive, the environment, climate, terrain and surroundings areas are extremely different between the two rims. In fact, the rims are so different that many people regard them as two completely different parks within the Grand Canyon. In order to navigate from the North rim to the South Rim, visitors will need to plan for additional traveling time. Click Here for a great Map Tool for the area.

Traveling to the South Rim

Open year round, the Grand Canyon’s South Rim is the most popular part of the park; receiving around 90% of the park’s annual visitors. The South Rim is located only on the Arizona part of the Canyon and has a rail service, airport and is just 90 minutes away from Interstate 90. Located about four hours away from the South Rim is the large city of Phoenix, Arizona that also has a major airport. Additionally, by taking route 64, the South Rim is just 60 miles away from Williams, Arizona and 80 miles northwest, via route 180, from Flagstaff, Arizona. Click Here for a great Map Tool for the area.

  • There are major commercial airports that service Phoenix, Las Vegas and Flagstaff. While there is an airport located directly in the Grand Canyon, service is very limited.
  • Bus services from Flagstaff are provided by Greyhound. There is also a daily shuttle service that is provided by the Arizona Shuttle that travels from Phoenix to Flagstaff, and then from Flagstaff to the Grand Canyon Village. In addition, there is a Grand Canyon Shuttle Service that travels between Flagstaff, Sedona and Williams during the peak tourist season. This service also transports visitors between the North and South Rims. From May 15th to October 15th, once a day, the Trans-Canyon Shuttle brings visitors from the South Rim to the North Rim and then back again. This service is limited Between October 16 an October 31. It takes an estimated 4 1/2 hours to go between locations.
  • There is an Amtrak service that offers services to Flagstaff where a connecting bus service is provided by the Grand Canyon Railway.

Traveling to the North Rim

With a shorter summer season, the North Rim of the Grand Canyon is more private. This portion of the park does offer lodging and food services from May 15 to October 25. The North Rim generally only sees about 10% of the park’s visitors.

Found on the Utah side of the canyon, the North Rim’s entrance is located just 30 miles south of Highway 67 and Jacob Lake. This part of the park does not offer airport or railroad services. Because of this, the North Rim can only be reached by road. Click Here for a great Map Tool for the area.

  • The Grand Canyon Shuttle Service provides an on demand shuttle from Flagstaff, Sedonia and Williams that also brings visitors from the North and South Rims.
  • Once a day, from May 15 to October 15, the Trans-Canyon Shuttle travels between the North and South Rims.
  • The Grand Canyon (North Rim) National Park Service will continue its North Rim Visitor Center, Bookstore and Backcountry Permits Office operations through October 31.

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