Electronics & Accessories

The Grand Canyon is an ideal place to disconnect from the modern world and appreciate the grandiose beauty of nature. However, if you need to stay connected, or want to document your amazing Grand Canyon adventure, then there are certain electronics you may want to bring on your trip. It should be noted that phone service in the Grand Canyon is often weak or nonexistent. Some onsite lodges and restaurants offer Wi-Fi connection, but the service is not always reliable.

One of the most essential electronic accessories to pack is a charger. Whether you plan to use your phone or camera to take photos or an MP3 player or eBook reader as entertainment, you will need a charger to keep your electronics working during your trip. International travelers will likely need to pack a power adapter to be able to plug electronics into U.S. electric sockets. In most cases, a power adapter will make foreign electronics compatible with American outlets. The U.S. uses 110-120 volts, so international electronics with 220-240 volts will also need a power converter to function properly. The following is a list of electronics you may like to bring on your visit to the Grand Canyon:

1. Phone
2. Laptop
3. Tablet
4. eBook reader
5. MP3 player
6. Portable DVD player
7. Camera
8. Extra pack of batteries and memory card