Don’t Forget!

A common problem that travelers encounter is forgetting to pack an essential item. It’s frustrating to find that you have to either purchase an important overlooked object at your destination or do without it for the duration of your trip. Making a travel packing list in advance is a good way to avoid leaving things behind. Generally, you can breakdown the packing list into two categories. The ‘must have,’ and the ‘it would be nice to have.’


OK, let’s never forget the obvious, you need to bring clothes and any accessories needed for the region you are traveling to, which will vary depending on the time of year. (The exception may be a place like Miami Beach, where coats will never be necessary) In our case, the Grand Canyon, make sure you bring the relevant items based on the season. The first item on the list is…READ MORE

Your next list will be titled Toiletries. Here, too, what you end up needing to bring will heavily depend on whether you stay in a modern facility such as a hotel/lodge facility or an old-fashioned cabin or outdoor camping. If you, or your fellow travelers plan on using makeup or have children, expect this list to be just a bit bigger. First on the list should be general medications, followed by…READ MORE.

Your final ‘must-have’ list will be your current insurance coverage. There is never a better time to review what you have and what it covers before you travel. (never assume its covered) There are several categories of insurance to consider. Travel Insurance, Life Insurance, Disability Insurance and Health Insurance. Let’s begin with Travel Insurance, you don’t want to not have it, but you don’t want to have…READ MORE

It would be nice to have

After you cover the basic ‘must-have’ section, your suitcase may be a bit over packed and leaning in an awkward position. Now it’s time to test your skills in filling out some of those precious leftover cracks and crannies, to fit those items you will regret not bringing. These items includes electronics, paperwork and misc.

The Grand Canyon is an ideal place to disconnect from the modern world and appreciate the grandiose beauty of nature. However, if you need to stay connected, or want to document your amazing Grand Canyon adventure, then there are certain electronics you should bring on your trip. It should be noted that phone service in the Grand Canyon is often weak or nonexistent. Some lodges and restaurants offer Wi-Fi…READ MORE

Next on the list is paperwork: 20 years ago this would have made the “must-have” list, but with technology where it is today, paperwork moved down the “nice to have list.” (Assuming you didn’t forget some of the electronics above.) You want to make sure you have the backups of several items, including your boarding pass. If you are traveling from outside the U.S. then you will need to make sure…READ MORE

Traveling with small children

This is the final list, but may be the most difficult of all. Having young children may require you to bring some bulkier items that always make traveling more challenging. Items such as strollers, car seats and boosters can be brought or rented. However, the biggest disadvantage is…READ MORE