Clothing and Accessories

OK, lets never forget the obvious, you need to bring clothes and any accessories needed for the region you are traveling to, which will vary depending on the time of year. (The exception may be a place like Miami Beach, where coats will never be necessary) In our case, the Grand Canyon, make sure you bring the relevant items based on the season. The first item on the list is shirts.

  1. Shirts (note: If you are staying outdoors or in a cabin, a laundry facility may not be available, bringing enough to cover each day—or for those with better hygiene every two days).
  2. Pants/skirts (again keep the note above in mind).
  3. Sleeping bag(s) if you plan any sort of outdoor sleeping.
  4. Dinner outfit/fancier item (not too many luxuries restaurants available in the area, one should be enough).
  5. Swimsuit (if visiting during the winter, check your hotel for indoor pool).
  6. Coat (in deep winter season a sweater will not cut it).
  7. Sweater (one or two).
  8. Raincoat (depending on your length of stay you may be able to forecast ahead of time the need for this item).
  9. Hat, gloves and scarfs (great for the winter season).
  10. Undergarments (one a day is recommended).
  11. Robe (if you plan to share a bath/shower facility).
  12. Pajamas (one should suffice).
  13. Sunglasses.
  14. Shoes (you may want more than one pair depending on your itinerary).
  15. Never forget socks.